Our Practice


Bookkeeping Made Simple.

With years of experience in the field, up to date licenses and a pro-active attitude toward our clients and their needs; Concierge Bookkeeping is more than your day to day accounting firm. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and with an extensive range of services to choose from – we’re able to cater to businesses of all sizes, as well as individual traders and many more in between.

We believe that good bookkeeping can go a long way, but great bookkeeping can take a basic business and turn it into an incredible one. Get to know a little more about us, and how we could help your Kailua-Kona based business, below.

Why I started this business. 

I love puzzles. Puzzles have been the source of entertainment, stimulation, and accomplishment for most of my life. I get excited when I see a pile of puzzle pieces that do not seem to make much sense. Taking that chaos and creating a clean, beautiful picture is a rewarding effort.

I have always been good with numbers. The result of putting things in order, providing an answer. This is in its own way a puzzle. When you follow specific steps in the proper order, you get the correct answer.

I have found a career that most people consider to be an afterthought. It is a part of every business though some companies do a better job with it than others. It fits well with me because it combines my love of puzzles and my understanding of numbers.



To extract a clear financial picture from solving the puzzles found in all states of accounting disarray and chaos...and maintaining that clear picture once it is achieved.



By solving the puzzles that comprise our client’s unique circumstances and creating clean, healthy accounting, Concierge Bookkeeping provides trustworthy information to ensure our clients can make responsible business decisions based on accurate fiscal information.


William “Billy” Mehl  - MBA

Give Billy Mehl your chaos and he’ll make something beautiful. As a bookkeeper, he gives his clients the power to make informed decisions in their business, armed with the knowledge of their bottom line. A lifelong puzzle solver, he is always in search of a challenge.


Billy brings a diverse range of accounting experience across multiple industries, including Transportation, Telecommunications, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Retail. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. His skills include:


  • A/R, A/P, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliations

  • Internal Audits, Budgets, Project Accounting

  • Financial Statement Production and Review

  • Break-Even Analysis, Cost Accounting, Inventory Management

  • Accounting System Setup and Implementation


When he’s not crunching numbers and helping business owners sleep better at night, Billy can usually be found at his local Crossfit Gym - Pohaku Strength and Conditioning - coaching and training. One thing most people don’t know about him is that he appeared in the 1989 movie Born on the Fourth of July with his entire wrestling team.